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What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Paralegal

Becoming a ParalegalIf you are passionate about the law but don’t want to enter a law school just yet, then one of the best professions for you is being a paralegal. Paralegals are law assistants who are also exposed to court proceedings and the ins and outs of law because they work directly with a lawyer. Here are some things you must know if you’re thinking of becoming one.

Educational Requirements

You don’t need to finish a degree or earn a license to becoming a paralegal, but it sure will help if you do. If you can’t study full time, there are reliable paralegal online schools that offer flexibility. There are various degrees and certifications that will give you an edge when applying to bigger law firms.


Because there are no education requirements, some people get paralegal jobs straight out of high school. That’s why it can be quite challenging to adjust to the fast-paced and pressure-filled environment.


There are many misconceptions about being a paralegal. Some people still think it is a licensed job, while some think they can actually practice law. You need to know more about a paralegal’s job description first before you decide to apply.

Salary Expectations

Salaries vary depending on the establishment or organization that hired you. Other factors include your experience, education, location, specialized skills, and connections. Some paralegals start with a salary on par with legal secretaries, while some tend to practice privately for a more flexible hourly rate.

Job Opportunities

One of the best benefits of being a paralegal is the wide range of job prospects they have. Aside from law firms, you can also find a job in banks, schools, hospitals, financial institutions, insurance companies, government offices, and more. These organizations will take you under their legal wing.

These are just some of the most important things you need to know about being a paralegal. Evaluate yourself and your career goals first before you decide to become a paralegal.

Why Pursue a Career as a Paralegal?

Paralegal CareerAre you wondering what your career traction will be as a paralegal? You may think you have few options, but this career will open doors for you and even hone certain skills that enable you to move up. As paralegals, you will learn the ins and outs of the legal industry and may prepare you for a career as a lawyer, if you choose to follow that path.

Preparation for Law School

A paralegal certificate online gets you into the legal industry. You will work closely with lawyers, giving you the training and glimpse into what that type of job will be like. Handling and writing legal documents and instruments, speaking with clients and other things trains you for a potential career as a lawyer if you decide to go to law school.

The rigors of law school will tire you out, especially if you go straight out of college or university. By becoming a paralegal first, you get the training you need to become a successful lawyer.

Opportunity to Help

A paralegal is a multidimensional career; they get to do work in various industries that require a legal team such as medicine, insurance, corporate, sports and others. Paralegals will get to work with others and help them make a claim or protect a company from fraud.

Will Challenge You Intellectually

As a paralegal, you will gather facts and evidence, and find ways to interpret them. You will also have to be resourceful when it comes to gathering these. You need to use different sources to prove your claims and give an answer to your lawyer counterpart.


Since you will be working with different lawyers and experts in their industries, you will acquire contacts that you may need in the future.

These are only a handful of reasons to choose a career as a paralegal. It may just be a stepping-stone or a permanent one.

Key Areas of Concentration for an Effective Paralegal Training

Professional Paralegal

Professional ParalegalThe expectation from paralegals continue to rise as the need for their assistance and skills become more in demand. In this regard, it is very important for paralegals to be honed in their field even before they are placed in the legal arena.

As an aspirant, here are the key areas of concentration to hone and practice to be a professional even legalstudies.com would be proud of.

Memory work

Make no mistake, paralegals, like lawyers and other legal practitioners are expected to exercise their memories to its limits. The names of cases, rules in civil, criminal and administrative procedures as well as salient legal provisions are just some of the things that they need to know like the back of their hand.

With that in mind, it is very important that you are prepared to flex your brain muscles and learn about these in four years’ time, plus several months of training as an apprentice. Expect the heavy load of readings and legal doctrines to peruse and digest as required in paralegal training.

Legal Jargon and Processes

Like any highly technical industry or field, the legal profession is riddled with special terms and jargon. With this in mind, a thorough paralegal training will help you familiarize yourself with these terms and jargon through constant exposure to legal processes and documents often used in and out of court.

Exposure to out of chamber settlements and methods on pre-trial discovery is also very important in civil law practice. Part of the training must include an apprenticeship under the tutelage of a seasoned lawyer who really litigates and mediates.

Drafting and Case-Building

Among the key roles of paralegals is drafting pleadings, contracts, replies and of course, the piecing together of evidence and affidavits for a strong and well-founded case. With constant exposure and training, it is only expected for a paralegal to be adept with the various forms of contract and legal documents.

By reading this, you take one step in managing your expectations on the workload and challenging tasks. The key is early preparation and honing yourself with experience.