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Terrible Mistakes One Could Make While Doing Online Marketing

Online Marketing in MelbourneOnline marketing may be the best way to help your business grow. But, there are instances when in your haste to see better revenues, you may make some mistakes, which you must really try avoiding.

Online marketing is the norm today. Gone are the days when businesses would solely rely on hanging huge tarpaulins or dominating the skyline with giant billboards. Many businesses know that the battle has shifted and moved towards the online world. But before you go out of your way and promote your business on social media, it would be best to know what not to do so that you can avoid committing such mistakes.

Making Customers Wait

What is the purpose of online marketing? It’s to promote a product or a business, right? This means that your ultimate goal is to get them to click on your website. So what happens when your customer arrives on a page that takes too long to load? Your customer can do either two things – he will wait or leave. It’s good if he will wait but if he will leave then you have already lost a customer. According to All Business, if you want to succeed with online marketing, never ever make your customers wait. You just have to ensure that your website loads fast.

Useless Content

One of the wrong notions of many is that if they have tons of content on their website, then they will be able to make it really big. But, this isn’t really true. Why? Search engines will always be on the lookout for quality content, says Livelong Digital. So don’t try to include content, merely for the sake of including it and getting a lot of content for the site. What you can do is to make sure that each content you include in your website has that “viral” characteristic that will take online users by storm. You can seek the help of experts, so that you will know what type of content to create.

Saying Goodbye to Offline Marketing

Many businesses got it all wrong by relying solely on online marketing. They turned all their marketing efforts online forgetting that they also need to market offline. Huffington Post reiterated this by saying that you must not forget what human interaction can do. A handshake from a representative of your company with two or three customers, or even more can all do wonders for your business. Remember, these people also have their own social media accounts and a post that praises your business can do so much for your business’ reputation.

These are some of the common mistakes that you have to avoid. Make sure that you don’t commit these mistakes so that you will see a successful online campaign. If you are not still sure what to do, better seek the help of digital marketing companies, which could help you do online marketing the right way.

Making the Most Out of Google Adwords

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is an easy way of marketing online but there are a few things you need to know about it before you try your luck. Google makes more than $100 million a day from Google Adwords. This is the best example to support the idea that you don’t have to spend a lot to make a lot, says an expert from C1 Partners. Let’s take a look at how you can make the most out of it.

  • Using modified broad match and phrase match keywords. Adwords is all about keywords. The problem with conventional broad match keywords is that they generate too much traffic and exact keywords limit the amount of traffic. Modified broad match keywords and phrase match keywords hit the sweet spot when it comes to generating traffic.
  • Mastering Quality Score. Quality Score is a word that most digital marketers dread; however, there is a way to get the perfect score and that is to follow the “One per Rule.” The rule is very simple; use just one keyword per ad group. While it might insane, there is a reason to the madness. Using one keyword ensures that your keyword is closely tied to your ad text and landing page and it tells Google that your relevancy is high and it will get you your high-Quality Score.
  • Phone calls and Adwords. It is common knowledge that a lot of businesses using Adwords depend on phone calls to pump their numbers up. It is estimated that phone calls to businesses from smartphones will touch $160 billion and more by 2019. The intelligent thing for you to do is to clear the way for your potential customers to call you.

There you have it, three very simple ways to make money from Google Adwords that you didn’t know. Go ahead and try them out and see what they’ll do for your business. After all, the sky’s the limit when it comes to growing your business.

Stick to SEO Fundamentals and Avoid Cheap Tricks for Best Results

SEO in OgdenYou have already spent a considerable amount of money on digital marketing efforts, but there is something wrong with the approach. Customers are not biting. No one seems to buy into the tricks you have employed in designing and marketing the site. It’s possible you’ve taken it too far with the tricks. Professionals who have been in the search engine optimization (SEO) business tend to be carried away with fancy, trendy “stuff.” Perhaps it is time to return to the basic principles of search engine optimization.

Content, content, content

It all boils down to the content of the material posted on the site: the text, title, and description. So if your site has good enough content, then search engines like Google and Bing will place it on the priority list. You can use tricks like keyword stuffing and purchased links, but search engines now have the tools to identify these tactics. Standard Examiner shares that the best thing an advertising agency in Ogden can do for you is stick to SEO fundamentals. It’s about producing quality content to position your site on page one of search results.

Your place in Google search rankings

Google is still the most popular search engine in the world today, with an estimated one billion unique visitors each month. Google makes sure its search engine algorithm is in top form at all times, which is a challenge to marketers. Google’s approach makes them think of complying with best practices in order for the website they are working to make it to the Top Ten. Google favors high quality, compelling content with targeted keywords, smart internal linking, and optimized page titles. If you can find a team of digital marketers that can deliver such outcomes, then you’d be heading search engine results lists in no time.

Search engines refer Web users to content that is relevant to them. That is essentially what they do. The question marketers need to answer is how search engines decide on relevancy. If the content is deemed relevant, then it gets the exposure the search engine thinks it deserves.

Effectively Combining SEO and PPC to Increase Your Traffic

SEOOne of the main concerns for business owners is whether to use PPC or SEO. When it comes to implementing a search engine marketing strategy, you should aim to include both PPC and SEO. Search engine optimization is those techniques you implement such as link building, using relevant keywords and having a clean web design. These techniques are what get you to search engine page results.

Additionally, these results are regarded as being credible than paid ads. However, SEO requires patience for you to get the results as search engines keep changing their algorithms and you have to stay ahead. Furthermore, getting professional SEO services can be costly but at the end, its pays off once you establish long-term search visibility.

On the other hand, PPCs are the sponsored results that mainly appear alongside or at the top of natural search results. In short, the more competitive your keyword is, the higher the ranking you get. You only get to pay when someone clicks your ad, thus, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting quality visitors. Unlike SEO, PPC ads can get you same day results.

Reasons Why PPC and SEO Should Work Together

SEO Uncovers High Performing Keywords

When building a PPC campaign, you’re required to have the right keywords that will drive traffic to your site. SEO can help you monitor niche phrases and long tail keywords that rank your site. Moreover, you can now expand your PPC keyword set to include ignored keywords to stay ahead of your competition.

Assisted Conversion

So if your business has all the traffic and ranking and it’s not converting into sales, then it means nothing. Running an SEO and PPC campaign shows you how each campaign is performing and helps you know which one is boosting conversions.

PPC Quality Score

SEO is meant to optimize site pages for organic search. The inclusion of PPC allows the SEO team to include ad quality score. A good quality score translates to lower costs when placing ads.

And if you would like to know more about pay per click and search engine optimization, consult a reputable digital marketing solutions provider to get information about which strategy best works for your business.