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Caring for Your Oral Health: What Your Dentist Can Do

Caring for Your Oral HealthCaring for your teeth is as easy as brushing and flossing. The regular activity of brushing your teeth twice a day helps remove bacteria on the surface of your teeth. It also brushes away the bacteria-causing food particles stuck between teeth. For the stuff that’s stuck too deep for a toothbrush to remove, flossing will do the job.

Why regular dental visit matters?

Your dentist can remove the plaque that’s forming on your teeth. With regular dental cleaning, you won’t have to worry about tooth decay and other dental problems caused by negligence. Your dentist may also do other things for your oral health, and may even inspect you for signs of oral cancer.

Sometimes your dentist may recommend another dental practitioner, such as an orthodontist, if your teeth are crooked and need to be aligned. They may also work with a dental laboratory to fashion a dental appliance for you, such as dentures or dental implants, or veneers and similar appliances.

You may also need a dentist for wisdom teeth surgery. Not all people require surgery to remove these teeth. Those are the people who are fortunate enough that their wisdom teeth are in normal position, leaving the other teeth unaffected. As for the others who have wisdom teeth growing and affecting their other teeth, surgery is important. If you don’t have such wisdom teeth removed, they may cause decay, infection, or other problems with other teeth.

How often should you see a dentist?

Visit your dental office at least twice every year. This is enough for having your teeth cleaned by your dentist, and also for inspection of your mouth. As for those who are having work done on their teeth, such as those who are wearing braces, they may have a different schedule for seeing their dentist.

Regular dental care is important for keeping dental problems away. Stick with oral hygiene practices and always keep your dental appointments.

No more slip-sliding away: how to enjoy life with perfectly-fitting dentures

DenturesDo your current dentures let you down? Have they become loose, uncomfortable, even painful, making it difficult to eat some of your favourite foods? Maybe they’ve even started to slip and fall out in public, making you fear your friends and family may make you a laughingstock behind your back?

Unfortunately, loose-fitting dentures is an experience shared by the vast majority of traditional denture-wearers. The dentures will fit perfectly when your dentist first prescribes them, but over time this will start to change. The principal cause of this is loss of bone density – your jaw bone starts to resorb over time when the toot roots are missing.

At Sutton Implant Clinic in Sutton Coldfield, an effective solution to this problem is to stabilise your dentures with dental implants. Implants are small titanium posts or screws that hold your new teeth firmly in place.

Titanium is used because of its high degree of compatibility with the human body – if you have had a hip or knee replacement, or a bone rebuilt after an accident, titanium may have been used – and because it supports the growth of new bone material.

Even if you have already experienced loss of jaw bone density, treatment with dental implants is still often possible – even if some dentists still refuse to treat patients who lack the required levels of bone.

Bone grafts can be used to rebuild the level of your bone density, adding a few months on to your overall treatment period but maximising your implants’ chances of success. In the upper jaw, a sinus lift may be performed.

These bionic tooth roots will get rid of all the problems caused by loose dentures. After your implants have healed and your permanent teeth have been attached (this takes about six months) you can wave goodbye to:

  • Problems eating anything but soft foods
  • Issues with speech
  • Slipping dentures ruining your social life and confidence

Instead, you can say hello to:

  • All your favourite foods being back on-menu
  • Clear speech and singing
  • Teeth that stay where teeth should be
  • Enjoying meals out and socialising with friends and family

How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

Dental ImplantEveryone knows that Harley Street is where the best medical specialists practice sin the 19th Century. A dentist in Harley Street have no problems with dental implants if that is what you need, although the costs can be quite high.

Here are some ways dental implants can improve your life.

You Look Younger

Missing teeth can make you look older in many ways. A missing tooth anywhere visible is unseemly, of course, but even when it is way in the back, it can still affect how you look. Teeth give your face structure. If you have enough teeth missing for long enough, your cheeks will start to sink in. Your remaining teeth will also start to move and look crooked. If you have dental implants, you get back the support your face needs to keep you looking younger longer.

You Maintain Bone

Dental implants keep your jawbone intact. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone where it used to be starts shrinking almost immediately together with the gum. The jawbone needs stimulation to keep it from shrinking. Over a few years, it would thin and shorten unless something takes the place of the missing tooth. This can cause the gums to recede and affect your remaining teeth.  Many people start losing more teeth when they do not do something about missing teeth.

You Avoid Dentures

One option for missing teeth is dentures. While modern dentures are a lot better than they were a few decades ago, they are still uncomfortable to wear. Even with improved materials and better fit, they make talking and eating hard, and they pop out at embarrassing moments. They also do not look like natural teeth. Moreover, they do not prevent bone loss.

Dental implants may seem expensive, but they are the best way to manage missing teeth. However, you need sufficient bone to qualify for implants.  You cannot wait too long after losing a tooth to get them. These benefits should be enough to convince you to invest in them as soon as possible.

Is There Wisdom in Removing Wisdom Teeth?

Dental Visit in Salt Lake CityA routine visit to the dentist for general cleaning and check-up may result in him giving you advice to have your wisdom teeth taken out. Your first instinct would probably to say no, as most people think that they only need to be removed once they cause pain, but this may not always be correct.

What are wisdom teeth?

Salt Lake City dentists define wisdom teeth or third molars as permanent teeth that erupt when a person reaches the age of 17-24. Wisdom teeth become useful later on in life, especially aiding in chewing coarser, rougher food, but there are instances when they have to be removed.

Removing as a preventive measure

The growth of wisdom teeth may cause other complications, such as damaging other teeth, jaw damage, overbite, inflamed gums, cavities and dental misalignment, are usually accompanied by pain. However, pain is not the only indicator that wisdom teeth need to be removed. There are times when the teeth do not fully erupt and remain tucked under the gums, blocked or impacted. If this is the case, the problems will come eventually and it is better to have the teeth removed early as the bones in the teeth become harder, and, therefore, more difficult or painful to remove.

Trust your dentist’s advice

Your dentist will help you make the decision on how best to approach your dental problems. By looking at your mouth, the positioning and alignment of your teeth, and the gaps or spaces between your teeth, your dentist can tell whether your wisdom teeth is likely to give you problems or not. Regular dental check-ups can also help detect impacted and blocked teeth early, allowing you more time to prepare and learn more about the dental procedure, long before any complication or pain ensues.

In any case, a healthy set of teeth begins with a proper consultation. Find a dentist who not only will take good care of your teeth, but will also make you feel at ease and comfortable all throughout.