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Get Your Game On: Studying Game Design

Game DesignGamers – they are everywhere. You might even be one of them. With all the games released over the past few years, you can really tell that they have come a long way since the early days of the first Mario game or Pong. The graphics, story and music are just some of the aspects that people consider important in a video game. What if you had the opportunity to control all these features?

If you’re a gamer and you want to develop a game all by yourself, think about the possibilities. You get to decide on a linear or an open world, the type of characters, the storyline – everything. Wouldn’t you want to try your hand at game design degree courses in Singapore?

A career in gaming: Is it possible?

Say you are adamant and insistent on studying game design once you go to university, you are lucky if your parents are fine with it. But there are some parents who are sceptical about the future careers of their children. As university fees continue to increase, reassurance is becoming more necessary.

The job of game designers is difficult. It requires extensive training and years of experience before they can thrive in your field. They play one of the most important roles in game development, as they have to come up with the whole concept of the game and see that it comes to fruition. Game designers plan and define all the aspects of the game: the story, the setting, characters, objects, modes of play, interface design and the rules.

Do you think you are qualified?

These are just some of the traits necessary for you to thrive in the industry. First, you need visual design skills, especially for effective communication, as your presentation has to be clear and concise. You also have to be humble, as this drives you to continually improve. Apart from that, it is also necessary to be empathic, as well as equipped with commercial awareness and production knowledge.

Who says you cannot turn your hobby into a career when you grow up? Living in the digital era allows you to leverage technology to make things a whole lot better. Who knows? Your game may be the next franchise people of all ages will enjoy.

What to Expect as You Start Your Career in Workplace Training


careerUpon getting a certificate IV in workplace training and assessment, Brisbane-based trainers can start making huge strides towards career advancement. Now that you are qualified, better opportunities will open up. You have the knowledge and skills to impart to others, so that they may attain their own skills and development goals with your help.

What they expect from you

You should be prepared to shoulder tremendous responsibilities. Employers count on you to possess industry skills relevant to their own requirements. They expect you to enhance their knowledge and skills. After all, they hire you because they believe you can make changes in the work environment so that they will achieve, or perhaps surpass, their own business goals.

Training others is about helping them acquire new competencies. Your own training has given you the tools. With your qualifications, you are in the position to teach trainees to make the most of work systems, use specific tools and equipment, and ensure safety in their work environment. Your earnings increase if you have prior experience in the industry, and if you possess additional qualifications.

You are a valued part of the workplace

Organisations of all sizes in Australia employ qualified trainers and assessors to teach their staff specific skills. There are different job titles for your career, including counsellor, coach, teacher, mentor and educator. All of these terms refer to the importance of your role as a person making positive changes.

Without trainers, organisations do not improve. With your help, organisations and their constituents become better.

You may choose to specialise in a specific area of training. You may even run your own training business someday. For now, make the most of the opportunities available and learn as much as you can from the experience.