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4 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Car

Leasing a CarAre you thinking if leasing a car is better for you? Here are four questions you need to ask before you make the important decision.

Questions #1: Do you have any lease specials?

Leasing a car is great if you have a limited budget. And you can go even lower if you ask the leasing company if they have any auto lease specials. There are some companies who offer huge discounts on auto leases so they can increase people’s interest in the models that are harder to sell. You get more savings there!

Questions #2: Is the lease contract transferrable?

There are some auto lease companies who allow lease contracts to be transferred to another individual. This is great for people who have plans of moving in the foreseeable future. Auto dealers understand that today’s consumers have more expectations and demands when it comes to flexibility and they do offer it, but to be sure, you need to ask this outright before signing anything.

Questions #3: How long is the lease and what happens when the contract expires?

Common lease contracts run from 24 to 60 months. This flexibility is beneficial to many car leasers who wish to upgrade regularly. When a close-ended lease expires, you need to return the car to the auto dealer. While there are some costs that you need to pay, the end goal is that you return the car.

Questions #4: How much can I really save?

The answer to this question depends on which are you are planning to lease. The good news is that you can use a novated leasing calculator to compute your projected savings if you lease a particular type of ride. And since this is a web-based application, you can do this without even calling a leasing company. You can do you research and your projections even before you make that trip to the leasing company. This way, you already have an idea how much you need to fork up.

Auto leasing is not for everyone but it does offer more people the chance to “own” a car for a while. Whether you lease of buy, keep in mind that you still need to maintain your car and the expenses rest solely on you.

Should You Invest in Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wraps in AmericaVehicle wrap advertising reaches more than 95% of Americans, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

Vehicle wraps are digitally printed billboards used to advertise on cars. This unique form of advertising puts many small and local businesses on the same playing field as large companies and franchises. However, compared to other forms of advertising, are vehicle wraps a good investment?

Cheaper Costs

Alphagraffix INC. notes that vehicle wraps are suitable for any vehicle size. But the price depends on the amount of coverage and the vehicle type. The average cost of this advertising is between $2,000 to $4,500 per vehicle, including the material and installation. Moreover, vehicle wraps are usually vinyl-made, and they last for three to five years. Therefore, its price is still cheaper than print, newspaper, radio, and TV advertisements.

Mobile and Visible

Most forms of advertising are stationary, limiting their media reach. Vehicle wrap advertising is mobile, thus, it reaches more consumers in different locations.  It also increases brand visibility and builds a greater market for the business. Because of the extensive reach of vehicle wraps, experts estimate that a wrap only costs approximately 4 cents per thousand impressions.

Flexible Brand Placement

Business owners can cover the entire vehicle with their brand or just a portion of it. They can put different promo ads on the rear decal or on the roof sign on top of the car. Magnetic vehicle wraps allow businesses to display the sign on part-time company cars, and remove it from time to time.

It is significant that business owners choose professional wrap installers to ensure proper handling of their vehicle. When done incorrectly, wraps could damage the vehicle’s paint job or images might bleed through the wrap onto the paint. However, if installed properly, vehicle wraps can bring many benefits to a business.

What to Do if You are Ever in an Auto Accident

Car Accidents in West JordanA vehicular accident is a traumatic experience, especially if it results in injury. If you survive but the incident results in someone’s death, your trauma may be a lot worse. The first rule, however, is to try to remain as calm as possible. This may not always be possible, but panic may lead to worse consequences. Here are a few things you can do if you are ever involved in an accident on the road.

Keep calm

If the accident isn’t too bad, it may be easier to do this. Inspect yourself and see if there are any injuries or pain. Ask your passengers, if any, to do the same. Try to calm those who may be panicking. It’s during these moments that you can use any first aid training. Look around for traffic before getting out of the vehicle.

Use flares or early warning devices to warn other motorists. Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights if they still work.

Call someone

Call the police even if there are no obvious injuries. They will probably bring an EMT with them to take care of injuries or take people to the hospital. You may also call a friend or family member to inform them. Ask them to call the police and an auto accident attorney in West Jordan. Have a doctor look at you even if you don’t feel any pain.

Don’t leave

Do not leave the scene of the accident if you’re not in need of immediate medical attention, especially if you may have been at fault. Serious criminal charges can be filed against you if you do, particularly if someone was hurt.

Take pictures

If you have a camera or a phone equipped with one, Osmondcockayne.com recommends you take pictures so you have evidence for a court case or insurance claim. You may also ask bystanders for their phone numbers in case you need witnesses.

Don’t forget about your rights. Know the things you have to do if you are ever involved in a vehicle accident.

After a Vehicular Accident: What Does It Mean to Have a Total Loss Car?


crashWhen a vehicle gets involved in an accident, the issue of when and whether it’s considered to be “totaled” becomes a very frustrating one for many consumers.

According to automotive experts, a car becomes totaled after an accident when it becomes extremely damaged to the extent that it’s no longer worth repairing. For example, if the actual cash value (ACV) of the car is around $12,000 and needs $10000 worth of repair, it will generally be labeled as a total loss. To determine the price,  appraisers say the cutoff is usually somewhere in the 70% to 75% range. Not including the value of scrap metal or salvageable parts after the car has been brought to Toyota wreckers, for example, the vehicle becomes a total loss in this case.

Car owners often get confused about terms such as total loss car and totaled car value. For “total loss car,” many are actually more familiar with the term a “totaled” car. In some cases, a total loss car may be even better than getting someone to fix the car.

What Does it Mean?

As mentioned earlier, a total loss car is a vehicle that would cost more to repair than its actual worth. When a car considered to be totaled, insurance companies would refuse to repair it. Instead, they will offer money that’s equivalent to the actual worth of the car. The goal here is to give the owner money to get a new car.

What is its Purpose?

This setup is actually beneficial for both the car owner and the insurance company. As you are insured, you can recover the money you could have lost. Insurance companies save money in this case. For example, for a car worth $8000 that needs $10000 of repair, the insurance company saves $2000 when the car is declared a total loss.

What’s the Process Involved?

To determine how much damage the car received may take up to a few days. Once the car has been declared a total loss, however, the insurance company will then prepare a check for the car’s value.

For many car owners, the cost and stress of getting a wrecked or totaled vehicle repaired can be downright devastating. Researching about your insurance policy’s stand about totaled cars as well as the state laws will make the process a lot less challenging.