Stylish and Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring

Walnut Bamboo Flooring in Display HomeToday, when you build your home and plan your flooring, there are many options before you than there were years ago. Bamboo is one option and it is a very eco-friendly choice.

The Wood

The advantages are varied and many, says, when you choose a bamboo floor. This comes from a family of trees that are evergreen. Although the tree is much smaller than other wood yielding trees, it produces wood that is very strong.  The surfaces that can be shaped from this wood are flexible and sturdy. This makes them a preferred choice of many homeowners.

The Process

First, this wood is steamed to make it suppler, and then it is flattened and stuck together to make smooth surfaces. The finishing coats are aimed at giving UV protection and making it pest resistant. These are used across the world in varied climates. The origin is from Southeast Asia and surrounding countries where this plant grows.

The Advantages
  • This surface looks absolutely sleek and stylish. It is totally natural and environment-friendly.
  • There are many colours and styles available. It is possible to get any colour you want for your home.
  • You can get the burnt mocha shade or a more natural colour. Extremely light and very dark colour shades are available.
  • Like wooden surfaces they can be maintained without many problems. Coatings can be applied after a few years, depending upon the wear and tear.
  • They help with the insulation of the homes as they remain warm in winters and cool in summers. Thus, walking barefoot on them is not an issue.
  • The price varies depending on the quality of the wood, the coating applied and the all important colour combinations.

You can buy them from companies that specialise in various floor surfaces or from reputed online stores. These companies will supply the wood and attend to the installation at your home too. They normally apply a final protective coating after installation. Pick a reputed company so that you are satisfied with the flooring you finally get.

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