Specialty Pharmacy: What Makes It Special?

Specialty DrugsSpecialty pharmacies in Draper and other cities in Utah are the latest buzz in the pharmacy world. These are recent trends, however, so not many are very clear about what makes the specialty pharmacies so special and different.

Jolleyssandypharmacy.com offers a closer look at special pharmacies.

1. Dispensing Specialty Drugs

Unlike ordinary pharmacies, the specialty ones focus on dispensing particular types of drugs. In fact, the medications they sell are usually not available at the regular pharmacies. To obtain a label of “specialty drug”, these medications must meet the following criteria:

  • They are high cost products.
  • Medicines for treating complex diseases such as HIV, cancer, anemia, hepatitis and infertility.
  • Requires special handling, shipping and storage.
  • Compounded medications.
2. What Else Do They Do?

Apart from dispensing drugs that need special handling, shipping and storage, these pharmacies also do the following:

  • Improve clinical and economic outcomes for a patient.
  • They maintain a close contact with health care professionals to help patients with chronic, rare or complex health condition more closely.
  • They also provide patient education.
  • They ensure that patients use the drugs appropriately.
  • They also attempt to avoid financially burdening the patient.
  • Share patient information between clinicians to help better their treatment.
  • Offer financial assistance to needy patients.
3. Patients Benefit More

Through all these functions, special pharmacies play a pivotal role in patient care, unlike their traditional counterparts, which only dispenses medication with a prescription and nothing else. Their main service, however, lie in personalized care for patients, and compounding drugs that are special mixes of existing medication given for a particular need.

Given the benefits the specialty pharmacies offers to needy patients, it does appear as if the current buzz around them is certain to continue in the near future. There are many specialty pharmacies in Utah, and most of them have active online presence as well.

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