Sound Medical: Say Audiologist

There’s always a slight feeling of squeamishness whenever somebody mentions they need to see an ear doctor. Since so many people use glasses, an eye doctor is no big deal. A nose doctor, on the other hand, would be too weird for anyone to mention. But, an ear doctor strikes that balance by dealing with cases serious enough to warrant a mention and still uncommon enough to raise eyebrows.

ear doctor

This is why people should familiarize themselves with audiologists; it sounds official and doesn’t make people think about earwax. In Los Angeles alone, clinics like Pacific Specialists concentrate in audiology for people who have hearing or ear-related health problems.

Why Go to an Audiologist?

What’s the point of going to an audiologist if you’re not deaf and clean your ears properly everyday? Well, some conditions can still affect people even if they take proper care of themselves. Going to the dentist twice a year, even if you brush every day, is a good example.

Audiologists can treat things like vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders caused by inner ear conditions. Anyone will readily admit that balance disorders are a lot more common, and need near immediate medical attention.

If your doctor recommends you go to an ear doctor, don’t think twice about it. If anyone asks, just say you have an appointment with your audiologist.