So You Want to Try Parkour?

parkourParkour is an intensive urban sport utilising natural movements. If you have played video games like Assassin’s Creed or Mirror’s Edge, then you know that it involves more than just jumping over things, and there is risk of getting seriously hurt.

Below are some tips to remember if you are just starting out:

Exercise Regularly

The exercise you do should not just focus on keeping you fit but also increase your strength. Parkour involves many acrobatic moves with a focus on jumping with your whole body. You may be fit and lithe, but if your arms and legs cannot support your weight, then you will get yourself hurt. Do push-ups and squats regularly and focus on exercises that strengthen your legs.

Build Resistance

Getting hurt is inevitable when it comes to parkour, so you need to build your body’s resistance to fall damage. As notes, placing your body under slight stress repeatedly helps build strength and resistance to pressure. As your muscles and bones get used to the strain, you will are less likely to get hurt from a major fall. Start practicing by jumping over short rails and slopes, and do not be afraid to fall. Your fear of making a mistake makes you more likely to commit it after all.

Know Your Limits

When starting out, do not expect that you can make a 6-foot jump in just a few weeks. Parkour is an exciting sport, but you should not be reckless about it. While it may be good to fall a few times to build resistance, never attempt a jump that can send you the hospital, or worse. If you feel that you cannot jump over a large gap or ledge, then trust your gut. It is better to be safe than sorry.

After a long day of exercising and free running, always get enough rest. Remember that parkour is not about showing off; it is about discipline and overcoming obstacles, both physical and mental.

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