Skiing with Ease: Dress in Layers

SkiingWhen you’re thinking of hitting the slopes, an effective layering system is necessary to stay warm and comfortable. Apart from maximising outdoor comfort, it will also allow you to make easy adjustments depending on the changes in the weather and your level of activity. Layering, furthermore, aims to manage moisture, provide insulation and protect the body from the weather.

Each layer, according to ski clothes store in Brisbane, shields you from the cold weather while letting you move through the slopes with ease. Snowscene, on the other hand, says layers help you maintain the right body temperature by trapping heat and blocking wind and air.

First Line of Defence

A base layer is designed to regulate body temperature and move perspiration away from your skin. It can be anything from t-shirts and sport bras to leggings and long underwear sets. Merino wool thermals are popular base layers, as they transport perspiration away instead of absorbing moisture. They, furthermore, are naturally warm and contain antibacterial properties.

The Insulating Layer

A mid-layer, on the other hand, helps keep heat inside the body by trapping air between layers. This aims to enhance comfort and warmth, particularly during active use. Skiing experts note that microfleece is an ideal mid-layer material, mainly because it is highly breathable and lightweight. Its warmth providing properties, along with it is lightness, can keep you comfortable without restricting movement.

Weather Protection

The outer layer protects you from harsh weather elements such as the wind, rain and snow. This can be anything from windproof jackets to snow proof layer and thick mountaineering jackets. An outer layer is a necessity during bad weather because it obstructs penetration of air and water to inner layers. This, furthermore, keeps you insulated while also allowing some perspiration to escape.

While every skier has a different response to cold, the basic layering system will work for everyone. It is important to choose the right clothing material and consider proper fit. Skiing clothing should fit just right and not restrict movement. Adding or subtracting layer is needed on your comfort level and weather changes.