Single Visit Dentistry: Say Goodbye to Lengthy Dental Appointments

dental care servicesWhen I had my teeth repaired, it took me three-day visits to the dentist. The two-hour sessions ruined my schedule, soured my disposition and put a dent in my wallet. I decided not to visit the dentist again. That statement was easier said than done!

Those who have frequent dental appointments can surely relate to my experience. You would normally not relish the idea of visiting the dentist due to time constraints and complex procedures. Consultations do not come cheap either.

But our teeth is important to us in the same way our face is. We just can’t let them rot.

Lucky for us, clinics such as Strand Dental Centre introduced Single Visit Dentistry.

This method involves performing swift and multiple procedures to clients in a single appointment. Dental authorities realize that prolonging the appointments while the fees increase is something that people should not have to endure. If treatments can be done in a day, then clients (especially those who are working) do not have to worry about taking another time off from work just to visit the dentist. Studies have shown that some patients avoid dental appointments due to lack of time.

Lesser appointment timeframe does not mean lower quality service for clinics that practice single visit dentistry. They take dentistry to the next level by going digital. For instance, Strand uses CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) which designs and reconstructs teeth from computer to the client in a single appointment. The x-ray that the centre uses can transfer records efficiently and has 70% less radiation, making it less harmful for the body. Laser dentistry also makes operations faster and more accurate.

Quality service does not necessarily mean too much expense. Dental fees will be reduced since it is going to be a single visit. Dental authorities are concerned that high dental fees are the reason patients keep away from the dentists.

With Single Visit Dentistry, we can now go to the dentist without worrying about going back, or looking for funds to pay for the next dental appointment. So what are you waiting for? Start booking an appointment with Single Visit Dentistry.

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