Singapore Fun: What You Need to Prepare for a Beach Party

Beach Party in SingaporeSingapore has its own internationally renowned beaches, showing wonderful examples of Asian flora and seaside treasures. Some of the most visited ones include Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach. The beauty of the blue ocean, the fine sandy beaches, and the awesome views from these three beaches alone are enough to make them a favourite spot for parties.

Before you start inviting people over to your beach party, you need to look into the following factors:

The Lifeguard

A lifeguard should always be present when there are swimmers in the water—this is standard in all beaches. Nonetheless, they guard not just your party and guests, but also the entire beach. To ensure complete safety during your event, arrange with the beach resort staff or security for an extra lifeguard. It might cost you a little, but this will guarantee your enjoyment and peace of mind during the party. Even the organisers of the Siloso Beach Party will tell you how important it is to have a lifeguard on duty.

The Permit

Some beaches in Singapore may only cater to an exclusive set of clientele, while others will require you to submit a permit. Getting a permit may be a little tedious and will include some sort of paper trail, but these places would allow you a certain measure of privacy for the beach party. Public beaches may still require you to make reservations for the date and time of your event. If anything, this will help you manage the traffic of guests and staff serving the food.

The Food and Refreshments

No matter how much entertainment you provide, this will not mean a thing if you are serving poor quality of food and drinks. Even if it is a simple seaside barbecue or a catered event, find a way to serve the food to the guests in a proper and organized manner. Whether you choose to lay out your food and drink on a long banquet table or have the food served by waiters, make sure that all your guests have their fill.

These three requirements may come as a no-brainer and obvious part of the party, but many still forget that having a party isn’t just inviting a group of people. Parties may have a certain impulsive feel at times, but that is only a small part of the fun.