The Other Side of the Coin: Why Coin Collecting is the “King of Hobbies”

coin collectingCoin collecting has been around for quite a while—it was a hobby mostly practiced by scholars and historians, and later on by royalty and wealthy nobles. Even Roman Emperor Augustus gave old or exotic coins as gifts during celebrations.

Until the 1800s, people viewed coin collecting as the “Hobby of the Kings”—mainly because only the wealthy men and women could afford it. Then the hobby spread in popularity to the middle class, and it went from being a “Hobby of the Kings” to the “King of Hobbies”.

Today, more people are starting to think that collecting coins is a boring and pointless hobby.

It’s not. Here are some of the many reasons coin collecting is still the “King of Hobbies”:

Coin Collecting is Challenging

Coin collecting is for those who love the challenge of finding a unique coin. Being a collector is like being a treasure hunter every single day—you never truly know when that ultra rare item will come knocking at your door (unless, of course, you check sites like every now and then for rare finds).

Coins Don’t Take Up Much Space

Collecting five thousand vinyl records will require a whole room for storage. Five thousand coins, on the other hand, will only require a couple of binders you can store nicely on a bookshelf or safe.

Because you can easily store them in binders, you can bring your doubles or extras with you when going to a coin-trading event.

Coins Have Three Values

Coins have three values—monetary, intrinsic, and numismatic—that make them a good investment.

If you decide that collecting is not for you, it’s likely that you will get a hundred percent of your investment back. Most of the time, it will even double or triple your money.

Coin collecting is still considered the “King of Hobbies”—and it looks like it will not be dying off in the near future. If you are not a collector, give it a shot. It’s not like you have much to lose.

2 Comments on The Other Side of the Coin: Why Coin Collecting is the “King of Hobbies”

  1. Sounds like an interesting hobby. Where do I start? Also, can you please come up with a how-to on making a DIY coin binder/coin folder display book? Thanks!

  2. You can pass the collection on to the kids, too. It may not make them millionaires but it can prove to be a worthwhile investment. that’s what my parents did and I thank them for it.

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