Should You Invest in Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle Wraps in AmericaVehicle wrap advertising reaches more than 95% of Americans, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

Vehicle wraps are digitally printed billboards used to advertise on cars. This unique form of advertising puts many small and local businesses on the same playing field as large companies and franchises. However, compared to other forms of advertising, are vehicle wraps a good investment?

Cheaper Costs

Alphagraffix INC. notes that vehicle wraps are suitable for any vehicle size. But the price depends on the amount of coverage and the vehicle type. The average cost of this advertising is between $2,000 to $4,500 per vehicle, including the material and installation. Moreover, vehicle wraps are usually vinyl-made, and they last for three to five years. Therefore, its price is still cheaper than print, newspaper, radio, and TV advertisements.

Mobile and Visible

Most forms of advertising are stationary, limiting their media reach. Vehicle wrap advertising is mobile, thus, it reaches more consumers in different locations.  It also increases brand visibility and builds a greater market for the business. Because of the extensive reach of vehicle wraps, experts estimate that a wrap only costs approximately 4 cents per thousand impressions.

Flexible Brand Placement

Business owners can cover the entire vehicle with their brand or just a portion of it. They can put different promo ads on the rear decal or on the roof sign on top of the car. Magnetic vehicle wraps allow businesses to display the sign on part-time company cars, and remove it from time to time.

It is significant that business owners choose professional wrap installers to ensure proper handling of their vehicle. When done incorrectly, wraps could damage the vehicle’s paint job or images might bleed through the wrap onto the paint. However, if installed properly, vehicle wraps can bring many benefits to a business.