Separate and Together: The Value of Double Glazed Windows

Window Installers from BirminghamDouble glazed windows are simply windows with double the glass. What may appear like an unnecessary showcase of household excess is actually a superior method of glazing windows. It turns out that a second layer of glass could make all the difference between a pedestrian dwelling and an efficient home.

The Warmth

According to window installers from Birmingham, double glazing serves an effective way of maintaining optimal indoor temperatures. They say that by sealing in a layer of air between two panes of glass, the energy efficiency of households can increase significantly. Double glazed windows act as insulators, which prevent the high indoor temperature from escaping during winter, while maintaining the low indoor temperature during summer.

While glass is not a particularly good conductor of heat, especially compared to metal surfaces, the number of windows in your home is enough to have drastic effects on indoor temperature retention. This is why installing a complete set of double glazed windows is advisable. Despite its weak conductivity of heat, glass is still no match for the insulating properties of air. The pocket of air is the most important aspect of double glazed windows, as it significantly reduces the amount of escaping indoor temperature.

The Sounds

Double glazed windows are not only good at blocking indoor heat and cold; they are also effective in blocking sound. Most recording studios utilise double glazed windows to prevent sounds from passing through viewing panels. Of course, it is possible for homeowners to install windows with multiple panes of glass, but with it comes increased costs and diminishing returns on effectivity.

For homeowners looking for maximum insulation from their double glazed windows, there is the option of using low emissivity glass (Low-E). Double glazed windows can come with any type of glass, but Low-E is the most effective of them all due to an invisible coating that blocks UV rays and further increases the window’s ability to retain heat.

There are definitely numerous benefits to installing double glazed windows. Besides energy savings and a higher property value, double glazed windows provide homeowners with a subtle way of improving what people normally perceive a window is supposed to be.