Self-storage units – Traditional versus Portable

Cheap storage unit in PerthEach one of us is faced with the problem of having too much of things lying around, some of which we might not need for a long time. The best option at such times would be to hire a cheap storage unit in Perth or anywhere else you live in. You have the option of going for either traditional storage units or portable units. You can store your extra stuff in both of them but many people prefer portable units for various reasons.

  • Convenient

Portable storage units are very convenient and this, in fact, is the biggest advantage. When you decide to store in the traditional units, you will need to transport all your stuff to the premises of the storage unit. This could be an issue if you do not have access to a truck. But with portable storage units the company will drive the storage unit to you.

  • No need to drive

Once your unit is filled you can call the company and they will arrange to drive the unit to their premises. Their warehouse will be climate controlled and your stuff will be safe there for a long time to come. This basically means you do not have to drive with your stuff at all. This is the biggest advantage with portable storage units.

  • Helps when you are relocating

Most people prefer to use self-storage units when they relocate to a new location.  They will keep all the excess stuff in these units. Once they are settled in their new home, they can simply call the portable storage, who will deliver your stuff at your new residence. But with a traditional storage, you will have to pick up your stuff on your own.

Thus, even if portable storage units are expensive they are more convenient and save you precious time. But for small items which you can easily transport you can still go with the traditional storage units.