Safe and Sound: Improving Security at a Childcare Facility

Identification badge for employeesChildcare facilities are expected to be a safe and nurturing environment for young children to explore. Despite high standards employed, child abductions or accidents are still a threat, making security arrangements a number one priority for childcare managers and parents.

Childcare facilities provide day care for working parents and fun and friendships for tots, as well as access to an early year’s education. Day care should be as safe as home, but sometimes it isn’t. A day care owner made headlines after a stranger made multiple attempts to abduct three children from the premises and she used her MMA training to chase after him and restrain him in a choke-hold until he released all of the children. Thanks to her intervention, the children were safe and the alleged abductor was arrested.

However, staff don’t have to be MMA fighters to protect children. There are simple ways to improve security.

Use an Intercom System

An intercom system and a receptionist can identify anyone who comes in and out of the building and keep anyone out who doesn’t belong there.

Use Staff ID

Get photo ID badges for all the staff so that they are visually identifiable. This means everyone knows who works at the nursery and who doesn’t. No intruder can impersonate staff.

Use a Swipe Card System

Doors should be locked and only opened by use of a swipe card or key code. Parents can also use a password to ensure that only those who know the password are authorized to pick up their child.

Secure Data

Any personal data regarding the children should be stored on a computer program designed for use by day care centers. These have similar security features to online banks, keeping sensitive data safe. Any printed data should not be kept longer than necessary and should be shredded prior to recycling.

To protect children at day care from intruders, ID badges, intercoms, swipe card locking and securing personal data work together to enforce safety.