Running For Life: How Color Runs Affect You

Color RunsThe popularity of running has been soaring, and with it being a great way to gather and unite people organizers has made every effort to make it more engaging and fun for everyone. 

One of those things that have helped boost its appeal is the introduction of the Color Run, where participants get to celebrate through clouds of colored dust. Yet despite its allure, many have questioned the health risks that come with inhaling the colored dust.

Does Color Runs Mask Health Risks?

With brightly-colored dust shot up in the air to celebrate and hype people in the event, have you ever wondered what you are breathing is actually putting your health at risk? Various concerned citizens have come to question the safety of the colored chalk powder used in these Color Run events, citing possible lung problems. Doctors have cited that inhaling even small amounts of these colored dust can lead to breathing problems for those suffering from asthma and other lung problems. Even organizers advise their runner to wear bandanas or dust masks. They also warn of possible skin irritation and vision problems during such events.

A Colored Lining

However, the health concerns end there. Colored powders used in color runs are actually cornstarch dyed with FDA-approved food dye. They are generally safe for the skin and clothes and are not likely harmful. What could make them a health risk is when they are inhaled in large amounts, or are thrown and stick directly to large areas of the skin. According to these running event organizers, colored chalk powder are meant to be thrown on the lower part of the body, away from the face to avoid inhalation.

Color Runs are not only healthy but fun to be part of. To avoid putting yourself at risk during such an event, make sure that you protect yourself by wearing a dust mask or bandana.