Run the (Property) World: More Women Are Buying Homes

cash and coin with a house in the backgroundWomen are flexing girl power when it comes to the property market. More women than men are likely to buy properties in the next five years. And those who did jump into the real estate market did it on their own, without a partner.

The Cause of the Change

In the survey that included over 1,000 Australian home-owners and first-time home buyers, experts found that females are more eager to buy homes and get investment properties, compared to males. What’s driving this change? It’s simple: finding financial security.

Lots of changes in women’s lives put their financial stability at risk. One is gender-pay gap concerns. Another is taking a break from work to care for an elderly loved one or younger kids.

Given that property investments are good sources of income and owning a house and land boosts a sense of security, women are plunging into the real estate market. Most ladies do it in solo mode.

A lot are choosing to get married later in life to have some sense of financial independence, understanding that a lifetime commitment with another person is also a financial decision.

Those who are buying homes for their future families though turn to neighbourhoods that have a welcoming country atmosphere, say, purchasing land for sale Geelong, Victoria, communities offer.

Girl Power, Purchase Power

Now, if you’re thinking about jumping into the bandwagon, buying properties as a single, independent woman to boost financial security, you would have to have, well, an initial sense of financial security. You have to save money and be a better money manager. Consider trying out these tips:

  • Track your expenses. You’ll be surprised at how much you’re spending if you’ll track every penny that goes out of your pocket. Over time, with this habit, you’ll be more conscious of the way you spend and curbing impulse shopping purchases will be a bit more like a default reflex.
  • Set up a property fund. It’s best if you can have this because it will force you actually to put money there. But do note that, except for emergency situations, this fund should go untouched until you make that house purchase.
  • Boost your income. If you’re delaying that talk for a salary raise, you’re missing out on a lot of money saving possibilities. Do it already. Also, consider getting a part-time job. There are online jobs which you can do even when at home.

Women can very well find financial stability in the real estate market. Now, flex your girl power to get property power.