Roof Restoration: Why Your Home May Need One

roofingPeriodical roof restoration is required for commercial roofs. This can be done using a variety of materials like metals, tiles, fibres, glass, plastic, ceramics, woods and stones. Roof restoration is usually considered if the roof is already more than a decade old. It involves repairing, cleaning, sealing certain portions if required and repainting to keep the roof in its best condition.

Bower Roofing offers the following discussion on why homeowners should consider restoring their roofs:

• Apart from improving the roof’s aesthetics, restoration protects all roof tiles from excessive moisture, which is mainly responsible for tile deterioration and rot. It also protects the roof from rough weather —high winds, heavy rain and furious snowstorms. Periodic restoration minimises overall damage.

• The coating, which is also a part of the restoration process, provides ultra-violet protection responsible for causing oxidation. This eventually leads to the roof becoming unstable and weak because of corrosion, expansion, contraction and causing deep cracks. The coating is also done to prevent leaks and keep the building cooler during summers.

• Restoring the roof from time to time, particularly in commercial establishments, ensures the safety of the people working in the building as well as the inventory and equipment pieces. Moreover, spending money periodically for restoration works out to be more affordable in the long run compared to replacing the entire roof that is on the verge of collapsing completely.

• A restored roof not only gets a new lease of life, but it also helps in saving energy costs, which subsequently lowers utility bills. Nowadays, newer coatings are coming into the market, which cool buildings during the summer and warms them during winter. These products help largely in lowering air conditioning and heating bills.

The roof is one of the most important parts of the building and is responsible for its overall protection from the vagaries of the weather and also for security. Thus, this is one component of any residential or commercial building that owners cannot overlook.

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