Research Claims New South Wales Needs to Improve Farm Safety

cows in a farmSafety equipment suppliers will be more necessary for the New South Wales’ farming industry, as mentioned by and other industry experts, following a report that showed an unimproved safety record for the sector.

Public Health Research and Practice released a new study that showed the number of farm fatalities between 2001 and 2015. During the period, a majority of an estimated 370 farm fatalities involved work-related deaths.

Farm Fatalities

Farming work can be described as one of the most dangerous jobs in New South Wales, as there were around 17 fatalities per 100,000 Australians, according to the study. Research authors Tony Lower, Margaret Rolfe, and Noeline Monaghan said that the absence of injury prevention as a priority health service caused the unchanged safety record.

The industry, however, has already taken steps to solve the issue. NSW Farmer safety spokesperson Matthew Waring said that they have already begun to work with SafeWork NSW. The partnership could pave the way for a quad bike messaging and rebate programme in 2018. These safety campaigns also apply to other high-risk jobs in the country.

Risky Jobs

Agriculture, forestry, and fishing emerged as the most dangerous jobs in Australia in 2015, based on a analysis. Jobs in transport, postal, and warehousing ranked next, followed by construction and manufacturing jobs. In terms of injury rate, the healthcare industry recorded the most number of wounded employees.

More than 17,500 serious injuries affected healthcare workers. The number represented a quarter of all injuries in the top 10 most dangerous sectors. As a result, workers compensation claims for serious injuries rose to 4,630 from 4,380. Jobs that require people to drive a vehicle can be deadly as well, with almost 1,260 recorded fatalities between 2003 and 2015.

Job safety requires a combination of safety equipment, best practices, proper training and information. How does your company improve workplace safety?