Reliability is the Game: Roofing Varieties

Asphalt ShinglesIn Perth, roof restoration is an expensive proposition. Deliberation and effort should go into the original roofing to avoid major expenses in the future. Thankfully, with modern advancements in the construction and building industry, you have a number of choices today.

The Benefits of These Options

Newer materials come with better and enhanced features. According to Permacoat, the most popular choices are asphalt shingles. Acclaimed highly by the industry experts, they are stylish, functional and durable, and preferred for long-term roofing solutions for residential buildings. Still, other choices are available, which are even more economical.

The Two Types of Asphalt Shingles

The fundamental types of asphalt shingles are either organic or fibreglass. Organic ones are heavier, durable and resistant to blow off as they contain 40% more asphalt compared to fibreglass shingles.

By contrast, fibreglass is much lighter, cheaper and durable. Fibreglass is a material considered one of the finest choices for roofing, as they are cost-effective and easier to manufacture.

Another choice includes metal shingles, which are very light, resistant to moss, fading and ultraviolet rays. Owing to its metallic nature, it lasts longer, and is more durable, but heavier and usually more expensive. Of the metallic roofing options, stainless steel is the most common.

Greener Options

People looking for green roofing options also have suitable alternatives. Green roofing consists of covering the entire area with growing creepers and vegetation. This kind of roofing includes a waterproofing layer, a good drainage and gutter system. The vegetation can be extensive or intensive. This kind of roofing is becoming popular in cities where pollution levels are high.

Consult roofing experts as they can explain the advantages of every kind of roofing options available. Whichever option you pick, remember that regular professional inspection and repairs are the best way to maintain the health of any kind of roofing option.

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