Reducing Dangers in a Warehouse or on a Factory Floor

Warehouse HazardWarehouses, factory and production floors, and other similar buildings typically require lots of floor space as well as a high ceiling or roof. As they are often intended to house large equipment, stacks and boxes of materials and a good number of people at any time, their size is one of their most important features. Their size, however, is also one of the reasons they are often challenging to monitor for inventory, control, safety and security.

Some of the issues that may come with all that space include:

  • Difficulty in finding particular items, such as goods for moving to the store floor or for loading onto transport, and materials for production.
  • Challenges in preventing pilferage. When there are many spots on the floor that are not monitored by security personnel or with cameras, some employees may be tempted to steal from you.
  • Challenges in keeping the floor safe. As there are blind spots in a huge building, risks may also be abundant. Stocks or materials piled high are a toppling and crushing risk. If there are liquids in the area, spills may happen, possibly causing slip and fall accidents.
  • Issues with pests. Particularly if a warehouse is used to store edible items, paper, wood or any other material that attracts different pests, it may be hard keeping infestation at bay.

To prevent such problems on your warehouse or production floor, here are some suggestions:

  • Use cameras on every spot. This will make monitoring easier, both for security and for speeding up operations. Safety is also increased when you have eyes everywhere.
  • Install proper lighting. Dark corners can increase risks of accidents. Lighting can help you reduce those risks, as well as keep animals and other pests from calling your warehouse home.
  • Monitor liquids frequently. Spills are some of the most common causes of accidents in such workplaces. Monitoring areas where spills may happen can help your people react to them immediately, clean up the spill or apply absorbents and take care of the cause.
  • Limit access. Only authorised personnel should have access to your warehouse or production floor. IDs should be visible on personnel at all times. It may also help to designate clearances for specific sections.

Big buildings with hundreds or thousands of square feet of floor space require vigilance in monitoring to keep them from developing issues like theft and accidents. Use these suggestions to make sure you are on top of your operations, as well as the safety of your people.