On the Red Corner: Corners and Wall Protectors

Corners and Wall ProtectorsAccidents can happen in industries and factories. The chances of this happening are greater in places where workers lift and shift heavy loads and drums.

Still, workers receive adequate training how to handle large, complicated machinery and hazardous materials. They also receive personal protective equipment like goggles, gloves, suits, among others.

Protect Your Building Structure

The structure of the factory, on the other hand, has no such protection. Upon careful inspection, you will see scraped and chipped surfaces in your building. It is possible that the forklift, when they move large, heavy drums, is the culprit.

You have to take care of the structure by having corner wall guards and protectors. These devices protect against such circumstances when drums knock off other drums or other heavy cargo scratch the building interiors. You can see some of these, especially the cushioned variety in hospitals, kindergartens and other places, but they are also present in homes, garages, large kitchen facilities, shower areas and many other public facilities.

What are These Guards?

These guards are like bumpers on your vehicles; they absorb the energy from a collision. You can install guards horizontally or vertically at any height. They are very useful in drum storage and loading dock areas.

These guards are strong and durable as they normally consist of polyethylene, a high-density material. They are stress-free, corrosion resistant, and do not crack. They are available in many colors, but most industries prefer bright colors for greater visibility.

How Will They Help?

It is very difficult to prevent heavy machinery from bringing down a couple of chips of concrete. Nor can you stop the drums from scraping off some cement. You can, however, protect your building by using appropriate protective guards. With these guards, the machinery and drums can keep bumping the walls without damaging them. These guards are good against forklifts and other heavy machinery too.

They are also available in aluminum, wood, rubber, vinyl and stainless steel. You can choose one that suits your facility.

Corner guards are worth the investment, and actually a normal part of drum operations. Getting some is much cheaper than getting your building repaired or restoring chipped paint jobs.

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