Red Cedar: The Best Wood Fence Material

Red Cedar in Northwest AmericaMany wood fences like bamboo and black locust are available in the market, but lumber specialists and homeowners rank cedar as the best for fencing.

The genus Cedrus is a family of coniferous trees and has many qualities that make it great for building quality fixtures. Not all cedar trees are the same, though.

Western Red Cedar

The team of CCC Fence only trusts in a certain cedar species called Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar trees trace their origins to northwest America and Canada. With its tight grains and lack of knots, this wood can make a great fence. As the material is durable, appealing, and long lasting, many people are turning to Western Red Cedar for their home projects.


Red Cedar Wood has been the favorite wood material for building furniture and homes since the earliest days of construction. Hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans used cedar in building their homes, totem poles, and canoes.

Cedar has extractives that increase its immunity against decay. The nearer the lumber is to the heartwood or the innermost part of the tree, the higher its extractive content.


Many external factors affect the life expectancy of a wood material; some of which include climate, the treatment process, and other environmental situations.

Through all these, Red Cedar wood lasts around 15 to 20 years. It lasts longer than red oak, which has a life expectancy of five years. Cedar does not absorb moisture as much as many wood materials do – a reason that it can outlast wet climates.

Design adaptability

Even without the paint and varnish, the red pinkish grain of Western Red Cedar is beautiful as it is. You can use the material in different projects. Whether you want to create boundaries for your children’s playground or for your farm animals, Red Cedar offers the quality design that you are looking for.

As they say, no two wood materials have the same set of qualities. But, for durability, long life expectancy and adaptability, you can be sure about the Western Red Cedar.

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