Reasons for the Popularity of Satellite Technology

Satellite Dish FacilityTraditionally, satellite technology has not been in use for WAN links or Internet access; however, satellite technology is replacing broadband connectivity as the more popular choice for businesses and individuals. But how do VSAT systems (Very Small Aperture Terminals) work?

Making Communication Possible

VSAT systems have made it possible for far-flung communities to have Internet access. As long as people have access to a computer, it could connect to a satellite and any network in the world. The VSAT systems provide a high-speed digital link and use the following main components.

1. VSAT Dish

Any ground-based electronic equipment requires a VSAT unit, such as a dish, that ranges from .75m to 1.8m in diameter. These dishes also have antennas, the size of which depends on the location of the dish and the use.

2. The Modem

VSAT users need to have an indoor modem which transfers data between the satellite and the computer system.

3. The Teleports

The teleport is a communication system on the ground that controls the connection between the satellite and the dish.  It is often considered the heart of the system and has the following parts: antennae, control systems, transmitters, and control systems.

The Benefits of VSAT Systems

VSAT systems are popular because of the following benefits they give users.

1. Easy Deployment

Once a satellite company has the satellite in space, it is easy to create a connection for any prospective client if the necessary equipment is available. There is no limitation to the regions that you can connect clients.

2. VPN Capability

It is possible to create virtual private networks using satellite technology for safe encryption of data in transmission. As a result, these networks are finding acceptability in governments and applications that need extra security.

3. Mobile Access

Satellite networks enable users to access the Internet from any location.  This gives mobile gadgets such as phones and tablets the kind of access that is only possible with VSAT technology.

4. Scalability

Satellite networks can be expanded to multiple sites easily around the globe without creating high costs of deploying the network on the different sites using the same network.

5. Single Hop

Most of the terrestrial networks have multi-hops, meaning that the connection goes through different service providers and takes longer before getting to the destination. However, satellite technology allows a single hop connection, and thus a faster connection.

There are chances this technology will be around for longer, and companies will find other ways this technology can benefit the world.