Reaching for the Stars: Why Your Home Should Have a 6-Star Energy Rating

6-star Energy RatingAn evident need to construct more sustainable housing is urgent as Australia’s population grows each year. According to the WA Building Commission, 20% of WA’s housing has yet to be built in a span of 10 years.

In light of this pressing issue, homes with 6-star energy ratings are now compulsory according to the Building Code of Australia for WA since 2012. This means that if you live in Western Australia, your home should meet or even exceed the 6-star rating.

What Exactly is a 6-star Energy Rating?

Simply put, a house’s energy effectiveness may likewise be granted an energy star system similar to appliances. Basically, a higher star rating equates to a natural, higher home comfort level and less energy consumption. This means that the level of a home’s natural comfort is directly related to usage of gas and electricity, with greener homes having reduced electricity bills and lower carbon footprint.

In Perth, an affordable home that has a 6-star energy rating can utilise less energy—roughly around 20% to 25%—to heat and cool as opposed to a home with a 5-star energy rating with the same square footage. It is likewise cooler by 10°C during summer months and warmer by 5°C during winter months. What’s more, you can actually save up to $100 or higher on energy costs annually.

Why Follow the 6-star Energy Rating?

Aside from being mandatory and having excellent advantages, following the 6-star rating is the moral and responsible thing. Considering the shift towards better sustainability is vital to our future so we must constantly strive to reduce or completely eliminate our carbon footprint while we still can.

So for options in housing, remember that sustainable homes are an investment and will be more cost-effective in the long run. The greatest savings will depend on meticulous planning all through the designing stage. It is likewise more economical and easier to abide by the 6-star energy rating than having to spend more money in the future for a renovation.

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