Radiation and Children: In and Out of the Womb

X-RayDid you know that radiation exposure is more common than you think? A simple x-ray or microwave can give you enough of the unhealthy rays that you could have some serious health risks — which means your children are at risk, too.

It doesn’t matter if you are near a huge site that’s waiting for uranium decommissioning from EnergySolutions.com or you work at a hospital as a radiologist. Just using your mobile phone exposes us to these things.

According to doctors in a Brooklyn hospital, premature babies were being exposed to too much radiation because they were getting scanned multiple times a day! Children, especially tiny babies, are more vulnerable to x-rays because their bones are thinner, and the harmful particles can seep into their brain much easier.

To help you understand just how bad it is for kids to be overexposed to radiation, take a look at what could happen:

  1. Higher Risk of Developing Tumors, Abnormal Growth and DNA Problems

Because children, infants and unborn babies are still rapidly growing, exposure to radiation can more easily lead to abnormal growths, especially in the eye, thyroid, bone marrow and gonads.

  1. Developmental Problems

Since the chromosomes are vulnerable during childhood because the body depends on them more heavily to determine how you grow, your children can get mitochondrial problems that can later turn into developmental issues.

  1. Immune System Problems

Since your child’s little illness-fighting systems are less stable thanks to growth spurts and lack of exposure to as many viruses as yours, he’s more susceptible to irregularities and imbalances.

  1. Defects in Your Child’s Offspring

While you may be gone by the time your child feels the full brunt of too much radiation and electromagnetism, the damage the x-ray particles did to your child’s developing body can affect his future children. Their heads may be too small or they’ll have developmental problems as well.

Monitor your child’s needed x-rays and scans when they’re in the hospital because over-radiation is real. Keep in mind that to get quality healthcare, you have to be pro-active about your child getting quality medical attention.