Quick and Creative DIY Repair Tricks with Materials at Home

LubricantEvery time something breaks in the household, we think of calling for help and getting professional repair services. However, with enough patience and creativity, you can effectively repair your home furniture and fixtures without spending too much money.

Here are three DIY repair tips available along with the materials that you will need to get the job done.

Keep Oil and Lube Handy

Lubricant and oils such as WD-40 products are widely accessible in hardware stores. These types of lubricants help in loosening hinges, fixing faucets and in repairing tight doorknobs. However, if you do not have these specific products at home, you may opt to use cosmetic oils or petroleum jelly for the same effect.

Just remember that these are temporary solutions until you buy the real deal. Apply these in small amounts, just enough to get the desired effect.

Easy Patch up Jobs

It is quite common to perform patch up jobs in the house. Holes in the ceiling, dry walls, even the roof are very prevalent. Sealants are very useful in doing these patch jobs. If you do not have sealants at home, you may make a temporary sealant using craft glue. Keep patching materials such as wood and aluminium sheets handy at home. The trick here is to buy uncut sheets to accommodate various hole sizes.

Paint Tricks

The paint on your walls, furniture and other fixtures can easily chip off if you are not careful. Thankfully, you can remedy small areas of chipping with household items. If the material consists of plastic, you may use nail polish or permanent markers to do the job. In case the paint problem is in a wooden surface, scratching walnuts against the surface can help fix the problem.

These are the most common household problems and the DIY repair tricks to help solve them. Take note of the materials used herein and stock up on them for your emergency repairs.

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