Protecting Everyone: Follow These when Adding Balustrades

balustradesConstructing a new Sydney home or remodelling an old one? Perhaps you are planning a residential or commercial structure in the Sydney CBD. Whatever the case, as long as you have elevated floors in your home or your building, you will be in need of balustrades.

Ensuring Safety

Balustrades act as handrails for staircases, fences for pools and as barriers for balconies. When placing balustrades, though, you have to follow some rules regulated by authorities, such as the Building Code of Australia.

Keeping People Away from the Edge

By the mentioned code, you need to place balustrades in roofs, ramps, stairways, floors, corridors, verandas, balconies, mezzanines or access bridges. You only have to add the balustrades, however, if these areas are not confined by walls and are more than a metre above a lower floor.

Making It Tall Enough

Limit your balustrades to certain dimensions. The height must not be less than one metre from the floor to the top rail. For stairs, the height must be no less than 865 millimetres.

Adding More Protection

Other additional requirements include the openings in the balustrade. Whether decorative or not, the openings should keep a 125 millimetre sphere from passing through them. Also, when an elevated floor is more than four metres above ground, there must be no horizontal elements within the balustrade from 150mm to 760mm above the floor that can enable climbing.

Designing All You Want

Once you have all of the regulations sorted out, it’s time to think about the design and the materials to use for your barriers. There are many options, from different kinds of wood, metals, iron, steel and glass.

You can even use the materials together to come up with a unique design. For instance,, a Sydney company offering balustrade design and fabrication, says you get a modern design if you combine glass and stainless steel.

The balustrade keeps people safe. When done in accordance with standard regulations, you protect everyone, including infants and pets.