Protect Yourself from Hidden Dangers by Patronising Eco-Friendly Furniture

Eco-Friendly Furniture in ChristchurchNow is a good time to think about buying environment-friendly office furniture. Usually, you pay attention to design and overall theme when shopping for desks and chairs. This time, how about incorporating environmental responsibility when you make decisions? The choices you make, whether for your workplace or your home will have an impact on your community and the planet we live in.

Hidden dangers in your furniture

Your furniture at home or in the office may contain formaldehyde. This harmful substance is part of the binding material for the resin and chips of wood in the particleboard. Formaldehyde is also a component of PVC, which is a usual component of modern tables and chairs. What other nasty substances, with potentially carcinogenic are hiding in your workstation? Upholstered pieces may contain semi-volatile flame-retardants. Methylene chloride and acetone are components of polyurethane foam. All sorts of chemicals come into play to make sofas resistant to staining. In some instances, pesticides are incorporated to prevent insect infestation.

What happens when someone with a poor constitution inhales toxic chemical substances? There are hidden dangers, and people are unknowingly exposed to potentially harmful substances. You have to pay attention to the credentials of the manufacturer and make sure they follow strict standards in designing and producing the pieces you buy.

Important concepts: Sustainability and recycling

You will find many furniture options, which either are recycled items or made using sustainable raw materials. At this point, what do you know about sustainable furniture building? To be sure you are purchasing exactly what you intend to buy, look for furniture makers actively supporting sustainable forestry practices. The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council is a certifier, so actively seek out FSC references when shopping for options. Another organisation that certifies sustainable forestry practice on a global scale is the Rainforest Alliance.

Are you planning to buy new furniture? This is the best time to go the alternate route and patronise environmentally responsible brands.