Property Law: Engaging Licensed Conveyancers in Legal Title Transfer

Legal Matters in AustraliaProperty conveyancing requires several statutory conveyancing regulations be met for the transfer of property title deeds between the respective parties to be successful. Among the issues you need to look into when considering conveyancing are registration and search fees, stamp duties, and property inspection costs, which will need you to sort assistance from a licensed conveyancing solicitors – who is a member of AIC (Australian Institute of Conveyancing) – in following up.

Aulich Conveyancing explains what this is all about.

What does conveyancing mean?

In property law, conveyancing is the legal exchange of titles of property between legally-bound parties. A typical transfer of a legal title or granting of encumbrance entails the exchange of contracts and the completion of these contracts, which are the two major landmarks in conveyancing that conveyancers facilitate.

Should the conveyancer be a member of AIC?

It is advisable that you work with an AIC-licensed conveyancer if you are in Australia. AIC is the legal body that oversees conveyancing practice in Australia. AIC-licencing ascertains that the conveyancer you are engaging during the transition of ownership of property is well versed in property and contract law, property transactions, and all conveyancing procedures to offer you benefits of a specialised practice.

Once the buyer, together with the property owner, has tabled an offer of purchase, you need the services of a conveyancer to successfully transfer the property’s legal ownership to the buyer.

Finding the Right Conveyancer

To ensure you accurately fill and complete all aspects of title transfer, conveyancing demands a lot of legal paperwork. So finding a diligent conveyancing solicitor will help put the right papers at the right place at the right time; any delay may result in the sale falling through. The right conveyancer will also keep you posted on the progress of your case, and is willing and available to professionally answer all your questions regarding the transaction; a communicative conveyancer will make the entire process less stressful.

Regardless of whether you are a traditional home buyer or buying a property from an online platform, it is important you work with a conveyancer in the whole process. Engage licensed conveyancing solicitors in Canberra to assist you in exchanging titles of property legally for a seamless transition of ownership.