Playtime: Key to Keeping Your Beloved Pet Bird Healthy and Happy

Pet BirdTreats and toys offer plenty of benefits to your beloved pet bird – not only in terms of relieving it from boredom, but also in providing enough exercise. There is more to playtime than just passing the time, though. Overall, it ensures that your pet’s mental health stays at its best.

Playtime for Your Bird’s Mental Health

Always remember that birds, even if domesticated, have an innate need to spread their wings and forage. Lack of intellectual stimulation may have an impact on their mental health, which cause higher stress levels.

Like in humans, stress can take a toll on your pet bird’s overall health. Without adequate playtime, your pet will surely begin behaving erratically, such as picking on its feathers, biting, forceful pecking, and constant screeching.

Over time, this stress can even be potentially fatal, so you need to keep your friend busy with smart activities during playtime.

Using the Right Toys

One of the best ways to keep your bird intellectually-challenged and fully entertained is to use toys designed to provide both. Some bird toys for sale can hone your pet’s brain and offer it with a reward afterwards. Buy the right toy size for your pet, as some items can be a choking hazard.

Foraging toys are not only ideal entertainment items for your bird; these are also necessary to satisfy your pet’s innate need for scavenging. You will also find bird toys in the form of treat dispensers. These are also great gifts for your feathered pal, as the dispensers provide good distraction when you are not around.

Birds may not be as playful as cats and dogs, but they know how to seek attention from their pet owners. The time you spend with your pet bird can make a big difference in their happiness.