Parenting: The Most Difficult Job in the World

Parenting Many people would complain about their jobs, but if they have not experienced being a parent, then they haven’t yet experienced what a “difficult job” really is. Nothing can be more challenging than being a parent.

If you’re single and you don’t have any experience taking care of your niece, who is a toddler, or a really young sister, then you might just be in luck as you haven’t yet experienced the most difficult job in the world – parenting. That’s right! Sometimes it’s better to work 24/7 than to raise a child who does not listen to you and whose behavior you just can’t understand!

The Toddler

Many parents would say that taking care of a newborn is probably the easiest stage of parenting. Come to think of it, you just have to feed and let the newborn sleep, and your job is done. Compare that with a toddler who runs around the house or the mall, loves to say “No” to everything and who cries when you pull him away from danger, and you’ll see why this is just one of the difficulties of parenting.

The Preschooler to Gradeschooler

If you want an example of somebody who exemplifies persistence, who will not listen to you even though you have been explaining for hours, then you just have to look for a preschooler or a gradeschooler. You see, it’s really easier to tell an employee to do his job, improve his metrics or edit his work than to tell a preschooler not to bring his Iron Man toy to school. You might consider seeking the help of discipline courses to deal with your kid. Get the idea?

The Crazy Teenager

Here comes the hardest part, the teenager. Aside from not listening, they would talk back, sometimes shout or storm out the door. How can you compete with that then? According to the Center for Parenting Education, one thing that makes it hard to become a parent today is the “explosion of information” which kids are exposed to. Well, it’s hard to compete with Facebook, but you just have to do your best to love them and not give up on them. Have the patience and you’ll be rewarded when they reach maturity (hopefully soon).

Now you see why being a parent is more difficult than being an executive in the office? You may order other people around, but your child, nah, they would often get their way. Why? They know that no matter what they do, you will still love them. Like what Scary Mommy said, you aren’t alone if you feel that parenting is just so hard.