Paper Flower Power: How to Rock Paper Flowers at Your Wedding

Fresh flowers are a common sight atPaper Flowers weddings, but florists are introducing the use of something new to make the celebration all the more special: paper flowers.

For brides and grooms who want to save big money or simply want to find ways to give their wedding a different and unique vibe, paper flowers are a wonderful idea to highlight the festive and warm atmosphere of the celebration and bring in a little playfulness and personality. If you want something cheaper than traditional blooms—and those that won’t ever wither, then paper flowers is the way to go.

Here are some of the most creative ways you can use paper flowers in your big day:

  1. Beautiful Bridal and Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

You don’t have to worry about those pricey dahlias or peonies that are out-of-season on your wedding day. With paper flowers, you can easily arrange a bouquet that has your favorite flowers (because well, paper flowers are always in season) Experts from Eco Flower also add that because of the different types of papers, couples can choose among the range of colors that will match whatever the wedding’s theme may be.

  1. Classy Centerpieces

Paper flower decorations on tables add a bright pop of color to a reception area. Guests will surely love these ornaments (especially those who are allergic to fresh blooms). White paper flowers go perfectly well with scented candles inside specially made glasses. Or, you can also use upside down wineglasses as candleholders. Place the miniature flower arrangements inside the glasses.

  1. Stunning Boutonnieres

Use paper flowers even for the smallest details such as corsages and boutonnières. Many paper florists today use recycled papers such as musical sheets or book pages to make these wedding accessories. Other than the eco-friendly benefits of boutonnieres, they are also a perfect way to give guests a memorable souvenir from your wedding. Talk to your paper florist about the design of the bride’s bouquet so that they could match it with the boutonniere’s design.

If you are considering getting paper flowers for your big day, here’s an unsolicited piece of advice: don’t do it yourself. Spare yourself from the hassle of cutting, pasting and staying up all night watching YouTube tutorials. If you want real flower power for your wedding, leave it to paper florists.

3 Comments on Paper Flower Power: How to Rock Paper Flowers at Your Wedding

  1. I super recommend paper flowers! My husband and I ordered some for our
    wedding two years ago because we didn’t want the traditional flowers because I am
    allergic. I super loved my boquet! Brides, you’ll totally love paper boquets,
    too swear!

  2. I think you should have included paper flower archways and backdrop on
    the list. My aunt was married two weeks ago at a private beach and they used
    paper flowers as an archway. The flowers were so striking, it made the entire
    celebration a whole lot more romantic.

  3. i agree with the no-to-DIY on this. trust me, you don’t want to be a
    bridezilla before your big day just because of little flowers you cant glue
    correctly. i wish i didn’t DIY the same for my wedding L

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