Opening a Sports Facility: 3 Vital Areas

Black barbell set in the gymWith more people getting involved in sports for both leisure and work, opening a sports facility can promise a profitable business. The main feature of these facilities is, of course, the playing area, such as a basketball court, football field, swimming pool, etc. However, there are also other areas that are vital to a sports facility.

1. Changing Room

A changing room, or locker room, is essential. This is where patrons can change clothes, do prep work like taping certain body parts, and shower afterward. For the dry area of the room, there should be secure lockers for storing valuables and benches or stools for sitting.

The wet area, on the other hand, needs to be slip-resistant and private, so installing the right floor tiles and shower partitions is ideal.

2. Workout Room

A workout room is important in helping patrons improve their overall conditioning, particularly their speed, endurance, and strength. At the most basic level, this area should have treadmills, stationary bicycles, training benches, pull-up and chin-up bars, and dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell sets.

For a more complete workout room, however, rowing machines, cable biceps and triceps bars, and equipment for lateral pull-downs, leg press, and chest press can also be added.

3. Conference Room

A conference room is considered by many patrons as a key area in a sports facility. This is especially true when the facility is used for team sports. Coaches, for one, can gather the players in the area to discuss plays or to view game tapes.

If actual games are played at the facility, the room can also serve as a meeting or even a pressroom. Chairs, tables, and audio-visual equipment are the must-haves for a conference room.

A sports facility is a great business idea. When opening one, however, attention must be given to not only the sports or playing field, but also other crucial areas — the changing, workout, and conference rooms.