One Small Home can Make a Big Difference

Eco-friendly HomeClimate change is a personal problem everyone takes for granted. The lack of direct consequences causes others to live everyday as if the Earth is still fine. But it is far from OK and it calls for your help.

You might think : ‘How can little old me help?’ The answer is simple: it starts with your home.

Go Solar for Your Home

With traditional electricity, the energy derives from fossil fuels such as natural gas and coals. Burning of these fuels results in the emission of toxic gasses, which results in pollution and global warming. Apart from being harmful to the environment, fossil fuels are also finite resources. The limited availability creates an unstable market filled with skyrocketing prices.

Rather than settle for conventional power sources, use the sun’s energy to power your home instead. Solar power systems gather clean and pure energy directly from the sun. EPG Plumbing & Solar Ltd, solar and wastewater specialists, states that installation of solar panels also helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels, as well as combats greenhouse gasses.

Insulation for Your Windows

If your budget cannot fit a new window, insulation is your next best option. With good window insulation, it is easier to keep your home cosy and eco-friendly at the same time.

Use weather-stripping and caulking around your window to stop the air from seeping in and out of your home. This helps your home cut excess heat loss during the winter, as well as keep your family cool during the summer months. Thermal window treatments can also help reduce the energy waste by blocking the sun.

Sustainable Flooring is an Option

Hardwood floors are valuable and beautiful additions to any home. Unfortunately, many trees used in hardwood flooring take years to grow. If you wish to renovate your home, consider a new floor made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or cork.