One Bedroom Apartment: Practical Living & Investment

one bedroomReal estate is normally a good investment. Even the simplest one bedroom apartment is a good idea over time. Household sizes are shrinking and many are looking for houses that are perfect for their small family and a simpler, more cost-efficient lifestyle.

The market for homes in areas like Brisbane is now more supportive of smaller houses, but with inflation, the costs are growing. This is why simple 1 bedroom apartments Brisbane residents enjoy are becoming more popular.

Here are a few facts about single bedroom apartments:

  • With more of the population preferring to reside in cities, single room style homes or complexes are more popular than ever.
  • It is a wise decision to buy them either to reside in them or as rental investments.
  • In both cases, the return on investment will be good, as the demand for this kind of rental will only increase in the future.
  • As it is a smaller home, your cash outflow will be less and you can easily afford it. Since the returns are assured your home loan can also be paid off soon.
  • Investors in Australia rarely thought of these options in the past, as land was available and less costly. But now since the returns are assured, their mindset has begun to change.
  • A good pick would be located in a suburb that has good infrastructure, connectivity and growth. Generally, busy roads and traffic areas are less desirable, but it is possible to find a peaceful enough abode in the central business districts.
  • Most investors prefer good city areas and bay-side locations. But there are also other locations where the growth has been significant.
  • It is also predicted that couples without kids will outnumber the usual nuclear setup in the coming years. Hence, smaller dwellings will be in high demand in the near future.

While there are a number of sky-rise complexes available, it is a smarter move to choose a smaller apartment if you don’t have a large family. They cost less, are easier to design and maintain, and there are more options in more locations. With a little facelift, they will fetch you a good rental. Properly located single bedroom apartments, whether for living long term, eventual selling or for renting, are a good way to invest your hard-earned money.

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