Nightgrinder: Eliminating Bruxism at Night

teeth grindingTeeth grinding is common dental problem. If you don’t know it yet, know this: 8% of the entire population suffers a kind of bruxism, the technical term of teeth grinding. It is something of a nocturnal thing, however, as most sufferers grind their chompers when the moon is up. But, don’t think that bruxism is night-exclusive; it’s proven that driving, reading and writing, where people clench their jaws, are causes of grinding.

The only thing promulgating bruxism is disregard. It’s easy to solve teeth grinding, yet it’s still so rampant with the 8% as evidence. You may say that people get used to living with their lesser teeth, but with symptoms, such as heightened teeth sensitivity and stiffness, who would miss it? Nonetheless, as dentists, your time is better spent helping people get over their dental maladies.

So, teeth grinding, what are you supposed to tell our beloved patients?

Jaw Alignment

When a person’s teeth aren’t straight, it’s likelier for them to clench and grind. To achieve stability on empty spaces, they have to move their jaws constantly. This, more than anything, ensures cracking of the teeth. Alignment doesn’t exactly mean braces, according to Orthodenco. There are applicable dental solutions on the market right now that aren’t as expensive and demanding.

Use of Mouth Guards (Bite Splints)

When patients only grind their teeth because of anxiety, it’s better to give them a mouth guard. Anxiety is trickier to deal with and as dentists, it’s more in line to provide dental advice rather than psychological.

Dental Maintenance

At times, a person just isn’t comfortable with his or her teeth. In these cases, preventive maintenance goes a long way in alleviating bruxism. When their teeth are all fixed and their fillings are all in place, people are likely to maintain the position of their teeth.

In every case, it’s better to be honest about a patient’s oral situation. When they manage their teeth and mouth well, it reflects a dentist’s commitment to their work.