Nice Shot: Improving Your Shooting Mechanics

Improving Your Shooting MechanicsA player that hits midrange and three-point jumpers is a threat to the competition and is a valuable piece to any team. Young players looking to make their mark and get a spot on a team must learn proper shot mechanics to improve their field goal percentage. Some get it right fast, while others need a little bit more work.

Here are some of the basics young basketball players need to develop to realize their potential as a shooter:

Balance and Stance

A coach in a basketball camp for high school boys cites that some kids kick their feet out, lean forward, or fade away a little too much on their shot. These may look cool and some players want to imitate their favorite players. However, these are bad habits that ruin shot mechanics. You may hit them every now and then, but it will hurt your field goal percentage. 

The best shooters have the right stance and balance before, during, and after they release the ball. Their feet are square with the basket and their body is in-line with it as well. The lead foot (based on your shooting hand) is slightly in front of the other. Bend the knees as most of the power when shooting comes from below.

Motion Shooting

Motion shooting has two varieties — the former has a quick release without a hitch, while the other has a split second pause before they shoot. The perfect example of a one-motion shooter is Steph Curry and as for a two-motion shooter, it's Ray Allen. Know which one works best for you and your field goal percentage.

The Follow Through

This aspect of your shot isn’t simply about posing and looking cool, it is fundamentally sound. Snap the wrist upon release and do the follow through in a straight line and not moving to the side. Extend the follow through to give your shot direction to either go glass or right in line.

Perfecting your shot mechanics will get you a step closer to your dreams of becoming one of the best basketball players on your team.