New Air Conditioning: What’s Your Best Bet?

Air condition services in PerthBefore buying a new air conditioning unit, you must know which type of cooling system is best for your home. This will help narrow down your options and land you a great deal for your new AC unit.

As Australia’s Department of Industry and Science pointed out, the average percentage of energy consumption that goes toward heating and cooling is 40 per cent. Make the wrong choice in an AC unit, and you can expect your electricity bills to be higher than usual.

What is the best air conditioning system for your home?

Consider your cooling needs when buying a new AC. Do you want temperature control for the entire home? Do you only need to cool certain rooms? If you only need to cool one or two rooms, window air conditioner units are a great choice. If you want to keep a cool, comfortable temperature throughout the home, a ducted system is a better purchase.

Why should you choose a ducted system?

A ducted air conditioner is ideal for Australian consumers who want greater flexibility and control over their cooling units. As Perth-based air con technicians explain, this type of system ensures cool air reaches all areas of your home.

With this kind of system, cold air passes through the ducts and into each of the areas the AC has been turned on for. When you do not need to cool the other rooms, you can simply switch off these “zones”.

A ducted system allows you to prevent wasting energy, as you can choose only specific rooms to keep cool. As you consume less energy, you can expect more savings with this kind of unit.

Choosing a system designed for maximum energy-efficiency and waste prevention can make a huge difference in your monthly electricity bills. When you need a new cooling unit for your home, talk to your local HVAC technician and find out just how cost-effective ducted AC systems are.

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