The Must-Have Software Programs for Music Students

Advances in technology allow students to learn anywhere, anytime. Different programs are now available to the public, some of them even for free. For instance, music students don’t have to stay inside the school’s music room for a long time since they can bring their instruments and other tools to their own computers.



This program records live and streaming audio, which you can export to MP3 or WAV output format. It allows you to cut, delete, copy, and overlap multiple audio files. Removing background noises, increasing the pitch, and adjusting the frequency are some of its most useful filters.

Muse Score

This open source, cross platform software lets you edit and create music. By downloading a free copy of Muse Score, you’ll have different features, including a jazz lead sheet that you can print and share online. It allows you to compose songs without using a paper and pen, since it offers templates with musical keys, notes, clefs, and many more.

Garage Band

As part of the ILife package, this software is available for free when you buy a new MacBook. A mobile version is also available in the App Store for older iOS devices. It lets you arrange audio files on separate tracks to create music. Recording is also available through interfaces such as the USB Mixer or IK Multimedia iRig.

Download free programs like Muse Score and Audacity, or Garage Band if you have a Mac. These programs can help you practice and create your own masterpieces.