Must-haves for an Exciting Theme Party for Grown-ups

Adult Theme Party in LakewoodWho says theme parties are for kids only? No matter how old you are, the fun-loving party animal in you can’t resist an exciting night of make believe and rocking out with friends. For your upcoming theme party with the not-so-young-anymore crew, use these must-haves:

A Standout Theme

What’s a theme party without a theme? If you’re not sure which one to choose, go ahead and scour the internet. Pinterest and Instagram surely have tons of ideas and pegs, so begin browsing and pick one that the whole gang would be excited to dress up for.

After deciding on the theme, find a theater costume rental to take care of your outfits for the night. Those that have sets designed for groups are ideal, as they make it easier for the gang to pick out what they want to wear.

An Awesome Playlist

To set the mood for all-out partying, you’ll need a playlist to go with your event. If you’re going for a cartoon or TV show theme, use their soundtrack as party music. Just turn the bass up and add some beats for tracks you can dance to all night long. If you’re going for a mellow and relaxed atmosphere, you may have a live band.

A Great-tasting Menu

No party is complete without food. While you may think hard drinks and boxes of pizza will do, it won’t hurt to impress with easy to prepare and delectable "real" food. You may still include that box of pizza, but don’t stop at that. Add in healthy options to accommodate your friends’ varying tastes, and serve finger foods that don’t cause a mess when you eat, so the after-party cleanup won’t be a headache.

No matter how young or old you are, you can’t say no to an amazing party. With these must-haves, you and your friends are bound to have a great one.