Mummy Fitness: 3 Steps to Fitness Recovery after Giving Birth

light stretching exerciseThere is nothing more special for a mother than to give birth to her child. After nine months of carrying the child in your womb and undergoing various stages of physical changes, seeing your baby finally in your arms makes all the hardships and labour worth it.

For many new mothers in Singapore, however, the difficult part is getting back into shape. Being fit and healthy is important so that you can keep up with your energetic baby and have the strength to give a child necessary care. If you are looking to bounce back after giving birth but do not know where to start, do not fret. Here are some ways to regain your pre-pregnancy body:

Drink medications suited for nursing mothers

There are times when you have to drink medications to help with recovery from the changes during and after pregnancy. Hair loss, for instance, is a common result of childbirth. According to hair loss treatment experts in Singapore, increase in hair fall often occurs between 2 to 6 months after giving birth. So, if you are going to take medication for that, make sure it is suited for nursing mothers.

Eat more nutritious food

You might be tempted to keep yourself from eating to shed off some pounds quickly. This will not help, however, and may just slow you down on the road to fitness. Instead, try to eat food that will give you the most energy and nutrition. Brown rice and lean beef, for instance, are great sources of the nutrients you need.

Do gentle stretching exercises

Gentle stretching exercises can help your tired muscles regain strength and flexibility, especially after giving birth. It also facilitates the release of endorphins which can boost your mood. To be sure, ask your doctor for tips on good postnatal stretching exercises.

With these strategies, you can bust out of the mummy rut. Just remember not to go too hard on yourself, and focus more on nurturing your body and your child.

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