Moving to London: Helping Expats Survive in the City

LondonExpats moving to London need to learn a thing or two even before the move. Living in a city with 8 million citizens takes a lot of getting used to.

Settle Down: First Things First

Unless you come from another European Union member country, you will likely have to deal with jet lag the first few days of landing in London. To help settle down, make arrangements with a hostel or friends to let you stay a few days.

You will also want to consider a short-term let for a room. Take the first few days to get essentials for your new life – an Oyster card for transportation, a SIM for your phone or a phone with a SIM for your communication needs. Get a bank account as well as a national insurance number.

Where to Live

Consider the distance from work, the commute required and who will live with you. Schooling is a concern when you have kids moving with you. There are catchment areas for public schools that prioritise children living in the vicinity over those from another zone.

Are you okay living in a flat or is a house with a garden more suitable for your needs and taste? Expats with kids to be enrolled in state schools often prefer residential living outside the big city. Note that it is often easier to find affordable accommodations in London suburbs than in the city centre.

Budget is a concern when making a decision, but it is all a matter of looking. LHA London suggest accommodation in central London that offer WiFi to get your money’s worth.

Getting Around London

The transportation system in London is excellent, but you have to get used to the public transport system to help you go around. There are buses, taxis and the tube, the most common form of transportation. Use a bike and you’ll be good to go as well.

There is much to learn for expats planning to settle down in London. Look at the information available and get recommendations from those who have gone through the experience before you.