More than the Ride: School Buses as a Medium for Child Independence

School Bus in DubaiSchool buses literally contain every parent’s hopes and dreams.

But, more than the actual ride itself, it is also a place where a child grows.

According to the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, a Swiss international school in Healthcare City, school buses provide learning too. When a parent lets go of their child at bus stops, their child faces reality. They understand from a young age that they have to depend on themselves more, from picking up a spot to sitting down and deciding to speak to somebody.

Below are some good-to-know facts about school buses.

It’s Safer than Family Cars

School buses are the most regulated and inspected public transportation. There’s a specific instruction for speed and braking to ensure that a child is safe. Plus, school buses are made of reinforced materials. In the case of an accident, it’s likely to repel most of the damage — if not entirely.

Bus Drivers Are Pro Drivers and Caretakers

To qualify as a school bus driver, they must have a special driving license. Along with that, they pass scenario-based examinations and specific driving training. This ensures the quality of driving skills apply to child safety in all aspects.

School Bus Rides Promote Healthier Environment

All school buses are low contributors of pollution. They also limit the number of vehicles in the streets because parents don’t have to drive their child anymore. The fewer the cars are on the road, the safer it becomes.

School Buses Help Prevent Bullying Too

To stop bullying, school buses now have cameras installed. This saves videos and sound recordings to discourage any negative activities while onboard.

School buses have come a long way in providing a safer way for a child to go to school. And aside from encouraging growth, this transportation method also aids in the discipline of every student.