Modern Home Design Techniques to Try

home living roomThe new year calls out for a revamp of home interiors. If you are looking for ways to update a corner of your house or revamp the whole space, here are the decorating trends to watch out for in 2015.

Pantone Colours

Interior designers usually have this cheat sheet Pantone colour of 2015. You can create your own colour combinations and mix and match furniture and wallpapers to achieve a unity in design.

Porcelain floors

These are not only easier to clean, but these illuminate any room any time of the day. Porcelain is also cheaper than marble tiles.

Au Naturel Tones

Designers for Novus Homes recommend colours of white and everything as natural as trendy. Pillows in ash grey with starch white bed sheets are a good way to start.

Specialised storage

Smart storage like staircase “dead space” can be converted into chic shelves. Kitchen cupboards with fogged glass are not only classy, but useful in hiding kitchen clutter.

Outdoor Living

The patio, balcony and garden are fun places to pour your creative madness in. Zen used to be the keyword for these spaces. Stones, flowing water and more green plants will definitely do the trick.

High-tech Garage

Remember the garage in Iron Man and Batman movies? Well, those were really pocket-slashers, but updating your walls, like installing fibreglass for walls or adding lights will automatically achieve that movie-like garage.

Triptych designs

Triptych designs can instantly glam up rather simple looking walls. A single painting in three panels has been the hype recently and can be done on your own.

Gold Fixtures

Gold can be anywhere. It can be in faucets with innovative design or mirror with detailed embellishment on the frames. Gold is strikingly beautiful in a black or white background.

Updating your home can be so much fun and satisfying. A tweak here and there can make all the difference. Above all, you should enjoy decorating. Have fun!

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