Managing the Number of Your Wedding Guests

Guests throwing confetti over bride and groomThese days, inviting people to a wedding can be overwhelming. At first, you might want to invite many people. However, you have to consider practicality and remember your budget. Every married couple experienced the same tricky problem.

Still, do not be easily confused. You can do something to invite the right people. Here are some things that you should bear in mind when planning your wedding:

Your Budget

Sometimes, you need to look at your financial status. Your savings or budget will help you determine your guest list. Try to find out how many tables and chairs you can rent in Denver. You should also know how many plates of food your budget can accommodate. From there, decide how many people to invite.

Keeping It Realistic

There are two ways to be realistic. One is expecting that everyone will come; the other is hoping that not everyone will show up. You can easily tell this based on your experiences. You can also predict who will attend the event by considering their distance from your city.

The Kith and Kin

Your family and friends will have to be balanced to avoid hard feelings. Remember that you do not have to invite everyone. You are not obliged to invite the third cousin of your first cousin. Similarly, you do not have to invite an uncle whom you have not met once in your life.

In the end, these are just some things to remember when creating a guest list for your wedding. Use your intuition and choose wisely.