Making the Most of Your Tent Rental for Your Upcoming Wedding

Tent Rental in  St. PaulSo you are tying the knot soon, congratulations! At this point, you must be excited planning everything for your big day. Before things turn overwhelming, it is wise that you start by picking a venue for your wedding.

If you’re working on a tight budget, holding it outdoors with a tent rental could be a better option than indoor wedding venues, such as high-class hotels and restaurants. This practical option can be tricky, but there’s nothing to worry. Here are ways to help you get the most from your wedding tent rental:

What’s the ideal tent size?

Tents for rent come in various sizes. The most common dimensions include 20’ x 40’, 30’ x 60’, and 40’ x 60. Other tent rental companies even offer customized options based on the tent size and configuration needed by the client. To determine the ideal tent size, think about the number of guests you expect to arrive. It’s best to tell the rental company about how many guests you’re expecting so they can recommend an ideal size.

What else will be in the venue?

Other than the tables and seats, what else are you planning to set up inside your tent? While you already have in mind the number of attendees, it’s also important to know other amenities and features in the venue. For example, do you want a photo booth in one corner? How about a separate area for drinks and refreshments? These things must be considered, so you can allot enough space.

Do you have certain tent style in mind?

Aesthetics is another concern in choosing a tent. According to providers of wedding tent rental in St. Paul, MN, tents are available in different styles. You might want to check your options to suit your venue design and aesthetic needs. For instance, if you want an unobstructed view of the area, go for a tent without a central pole, such as frame and clear span tents. Regardless of your choice, there are many ways to turn it into a perfect venue for your special day.

Look for a reputable tent rental today to get things started. You won’t regret holding your big day in the great outdoors.