Making the Switch to Diesel Engines, or Diesel-Engine Cars

Cars EngineTo make the argument easier, focus on switching to diesel-engine cars. Lorries and big trucks have been relying on diesel for a long time now and due to its lower cost compared to gasoline and that “premium” petrol, truck makers aren’t ditching their preference for diesel engines just yet. Often scorned because of its reputation of being dirty, noisy and pricey, it’s not like that today. Advanced fuel research and the realisation that gasoline is running out, diesel has been making a comeback.

If you’re planning to buy a new car, United Fuel Injection suggests you heed these propositions that put diesel-engine cars in a better light, for the present and for the future:

1. Diesel is More Economical

For some people, there aren’t any better reasons than diesel being low-cost. The fuel prices have recently been plummeting and now, after a long while, diesel is as low-cost as it ever has been. Moreover, diesel cars are pushing the boundaries of fuel efficiency, and some took it a notch higher and travelled more than 1,500 miles on one full tank.

2. Diesel is More Efficient

Numerically, diesel is 35% more efficient than gasoline because unlike gasoline engines that need a spark plug, diesel engines can combust on its own. The downside is diesel engines are costlier than gasoline engines, and it’ll be a long time before car makers initiate an industry-wide switch to diesel.

3. Diesel Engines Are More Reliable

A diesel engine doesn’t require an ignition system, is built more solidly and has lower rotating speeds. That means lesser operations, but better efficiency.

4. Diesel is Environmentally Friendly

Sndary organic aerosols dominate air pollutions in city centres and some respiratory and heart problems can be attributed to these pollutants. Surprisingly, gasoline engines produce more of it and the form of diesel sold in the North America and Europe is ULSD (Ultra low sulphur diesel) type, diesel engines and the combustion of the fuel itself leads to less emissions and in turn, a healthier environment.

5. Top Car Makers Are Switching to Diesel Engines

If you prefer European-made automobiles, you can still opt for diesel-engine cars. Porsche uses diesel on the sporty Cayenne, BMW is producing 3 and 5 series cars with diesel, Audi has an upcoming diesel Quattro and other companies are following suit.

Scientists have also aided the development of diesel with the discovery of biodiesel, or fuel that can be made with corn, soy, methane and other substances.

Dump the old perspective of diesel and read on the latest research the go into making it a preferred fuel for the world.

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